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IKS Holding was founded in 2003 in Leipzig as a real estate group. In its early years, IKS focused on demanding restoration projects and the subsequent sale or rental of the properties. This included for instance planning, modernization, and proper restoration and renovation of historical buildings. In re-imagining these types of unconventional properties, we developed our standards for careful building and planning and combined them with our vision of modern construction and living. In addition to the revitalization of historical structures, in recent years project management and the construction of new buildings has been emphasized more in our property portfolio.

The step-by-step expansion of our service portfolio over the years now allows us to offer comprehensive property development services, project development, and services for real estate sales and property management (property and rental management, building and facilities management). Within IKS Holding, Invest Concept GmbH is responsible for property sales and supporting our customers. This team of experienced real estate specialists can now boast a combined experience of 100 years in real estate sales. We are perceived as a reliable and strong partner for marketing listed and new-build real estate.

Our customers have a wide range of goals and wishes they seek to pursue by purchasing, selling, renting, leasing, managing, renovating, developing, or constructing real estate. IKS Holding completely covers this large spectrum of real estate services and offers you a partnership in which we adopt your high expectations as our own.

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October 201908

Company news

Increased pace of housing construction in Leipzig. Only four German cities have seen more owner-occupied homes sold

The real estate sector, city politicians and associations had repeatedly urged the construction of more homes in Leipzig.

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September 201930

Company news

IKS Holding supports Ralf Rangnick Stiftung school project

It is now official: as IKS we are supporting the foundation Ralf Rangnick Stiftung in the realisation of its education project “Unternehmen machen Schule”, which links primary schools in Leipzig to sponsors from the regional economy.

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September 201926

Company news

The latest construction trends: Efficient floor plans and intelligent systems

An attentive stroll along the streets of Leipzig often reveals an exciting range of different architectural styles and trends in a single section of street.

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