Business segment

Real estate development

One of the pillars of our business activities comprises construction projects that we complete for third parties. Modern construction is so complex and interdisciplinary that it requires the coordination of a large number of entities and institutions in the construction and real estate industries. To be successful in a real estate market as demanding as Leipzig’s, you’ll want to have only the best experts on your side. To achieve this, we rely on our capable and carefully maintained network of professional partners. When you commission us to develop a real estate project, you can concentrate instead on your own core competencies and leave the vast range of different specialized skills to experienced professionals instead.


IKS Holding takes ambitious concepts and generates efficient planning. For you, that means high quality construction that’s always on-schedule and the greatest possibility price certainty. Because we do both the planning and the construction itself, not only can we ensure efficiency, we can also ensure your real estate will be profitable and continue to appreciate over the long term. We accompany, manage, and support all steps of the process in accordance with your specifications including research, planning, and construction. Naturally, we coordinate with you closely on the construction work.

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword to us. Because in the end, what you want is a lucrative long-term real estate investment. Tax advantages, for instance, are usually only a temporary benefit—long-term success, in contrast, can only be guaranteed by real estate that performs well over many years. That’s why we always follow the tenets of sustainability when developing real property. Once the project has been completed to your satisfaction, we provide valuable follow-up services. We support you for instance with financing, by finding the right tenants and buyers, or as your skilled property manager. Let us know what your expectations are for your project. Then we can propose options to implement them.

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