The latest construction trends: Efficient floor plans and intelligent systems

An attentive stroll along the streets of Leipzig often reveals an exciting range of different architectural styles and trends in a single section of street. IKS Holding strives to promote this diversity of structural options with each construction project, as well as underscoring the unity of the urban setting as a whole. We incorporate practicable trends and – here and there – set our own trends in Leipzig. It is consequently all the more interesting for us, our partners and customers to cast an eye over the latest trends in construction. These were recently commented on by Christoph Windscheif, press spokesperson of the prefabricated housing trade body Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau, a reliable source. Windscheif spoke of an ongoing transformation in the construction sector. For example, he pointed out that the trend from pitched roof to flat roof is becoming increasingly apparent – due in part to the use of photovoltaic units. The rectangular form has proved its value when it comes to optimal use of construction space. These have become smaller, more compact and more efficient in recent years. The trend is towards simple, plain forms, not exotic floor plans. The cost factor also plays a role in this. In contrast, façade design is becoming increasingly specialised. Colours, steel and glass combinations or wood are currently popular. “Open-plan living is still with us,” says Windscheif. The long-term trend to living space with open kitchen area is linked to our desire for freedom. In contrast, bathrooms are now increasingly no longer being placed directly next to the bedrooms, as was long the case. Private house builders are now creating bathrooms for children instead of guest bathrooms. Energy-efficient smart homes are another emerging trend. These include energy-efficient construction methods and intelligent systems that allow lighting, heating, shutters and other electrical devices to be controlled at the touch of a button.

Windscheif gave his interview to the dpa, printed by the SZ in August 2019.