Eutritzscher Markt 7, 04129 Leipzig-Eutritzsch

New dream apartments in Leipzig-Eutritzsch

This new building at Eutritzscher Markt was erected in 2016/17 and reflects the aesthetics of a traditional villa. The building complex includes an L-shaped main structure with a garage, sizable balconies, and patios. The building conforms to the KfW 70 standard for energy-efficient construction.

This high-end residential space with the corresponding amenities is certain to ensure the value of the property remains stable. The good location, outstanding customized layout of the apartments and the high quality of the construction have laid the groundwork for the property to appreciate at a higher-than-average rate. The upscale decor makes the units appealing as a choice of residence and blends in well with the pioneering architecture of the structure.


Construction year


residential units


apartment sizes

ca. 90 – 138 m²




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