Lindenauer Markt 10, 04177 Leipzig-Lindenau

Historical residential complex

This historical residential complex with a small commercial section is located directly at Lindenauer Market on Leipzig’s west side. The characteristic Grunderzeit buildings were constructed in 1900. A comprehensive restoration was completed between 2010 and 2012. The complex was transformed into a shining architectural highlight of the vibrant Lindenau district.

The facade of red-brown masonry with countless details such as oriels and ornamentation makes it a city landmark. Behind the historical facade, modernity has found a home. The total floor space of 2,067 square meters is split among 22 units in popular apartment sizes with high-quality amenities. The direct vicinity of the complex leaves nothing to be desired with respect to urban living.


Construction year




Land area

ca. 1.660 m²

residential units


commercial units



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