Hänicher Mühle 6, 04159 Leipzig

Dream house on the Elster

This single-family home on Hänicher Mühle in Leipzig-Lützschena embodies modernity and is surrounded by nature. The clear lines and the large windows exude minimalism. The higher of the two sections is the defining feature of this structure with its recessed facade.

Hainer Mühle Gartenansicht

The view of the private yard, water feature, and patio ensure a cozy living atmosphere at home. Inside, an open layout creates an airy atmosphere and a touch of luxury. The use of selected high-quality materials is a perfect complement to the architecture.


Construction year


total area

ca. 260 m²


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Location and surroundings

The Hänicher Mühle 6 not only offers plenty of room to live, but also for two vehicles in the adjacent garage.