IKS Holding with new Completion of heritage-listed property: Alte Post in Dölitz resplendent once again

IKS Holding GmbH regularly delivers attractive, distinctive residential properties onto the Leipzig market – such as our ALTE POST property at Bornaische Straße 176 in Leipzig-Dölitz. Built in 1909, the heritage-listed building has been carefully restored in accordance with the requirements of the conservation authorities, with the residential units handed over to the new owners. The building houses a total of eight apartments, ranging in size from 79 to 129 square metres. The former counter area on the ground floor of the building, still used as such until the early 1990s, has also been transformed into spacious living area. The yellow corner building with its detailed brick façade will now enhance the district in the south of Leipzig and offer residents a comfortable home with the charm of a Wilhelminian residence. We wish all investors that have acquired apartments in this unusual property every enjoyment and an increase in their value.