Our listed historical properties in Leipzig

Leipzig is very proud of its large inventory of historical buildings that have been listed for historical preservation.

IKS Holding has made a name for itself as a company with the expertise to restore 19th-century buildings according to preservation guidelines. You can review the listed historical structures that are currently in our portfolio here. These buildings not only offer especially attractive architecture, interiors with a certain flair, and usually good locations—the tax advantages of historical properties can also make the listed structures in our portfolio your best option. 

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October 201908

Company news

Increased pace of housing construction in Leipzig. Only four German cities have seen more owner-occupied homes sold

The real estate sector, city politicians and associations had repeatedly urged the construction of more homes in Leipzig.

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September 201930

Company news

IKS Holding supports Ralf Rangnick Stiftung school project

It is now official: as IKS we are supporting the foundation Ralf Rangnick Stiftung in the realisation of its education project “Unternehmen machen Schule”, which links primary schools in Leipzig to sponsors from the regional economy.

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September 201926

Company news

The latest construction trends: Efficient floor plans and intelligent systems

An attentive stroll along the streets of Leipzig often reveals an exciting range of different architectural styles and trends in a single section of street.

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